Private insurances

The costs for psychotherapy are mostly covered by private insurances, however the extent to which they do may vary depending on your individual contract. Please check the conditions when applying with your insurance at the start of therapy.

The first anamnestic, as well as five further probatoric sessions will generally be covered by your health insurance without prior approval. Should we then decide to begin the therapeutic process, I will write a report to apply for treatment coverage according to the individual requirements of our insurance company, their decision and potential approval will usually takes just a few weeks to clear,

In case you have specific questions about this process let me know and I will help along.

Paying privately 

If you want to carry the costs for therapy yourself it will not be necessary to report to an insurance company.

Public insurances (AOK, Barmer, TK etc.)

Public insurances do not cover the costs of my services. 

The pricing is in accordance to the German medical fee, GoÄ.