A therapeutic relationship which is based on mutual respect and appreciation is a key factor to a successful treatment. Starting with this premise I want to shine a light on your current problems, in order to find ways to cope and solve these on the basis of the resources and strengths you already bring to the table.My main therapeutic approach is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), I also use methods from Acceptance- and Commitment Therapy, Schematherapy and Polyvagal Theory. The duration of a therapy varies (a short-term-therapy usually comprises 25 sessions, a long-term-treatment 45 sessions). There will always be predetermined therapy goals we set together. Therapist and patient sit opposite each other during sessions. Generally there will be one session per week. Each one lasts 50 minutes.

Within therapy an understanding of the present psychological state and an individual´s internal and external conflicts is deepened by attempting to uncover unconsciously activated  feelings, inner ambivalences or patterns of prior experience that become reactivated. If possible this subconscious processes should be understood and experienced with more awareness. A further important step is to start experiencing emotions more consciously and fully. The aim is overcoming psychological problems.. Change and healing can then become possible.

CBT is a scientifically approved psychotherapy method and its efficacy has been tested and proven. Which form of therapy would best be suited for you and which goals we can set for your therapy, will be a point of discussion early on in the therapy-preceding initial-sessions-phase.